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I'm a long-time archivist and wiki guy, but new here.

Do not edit this page. If you want to talk to me, visit my talk page.

Todo list

  • Implement todo and fixme templates, with backlinks.
    • Hide the inserted todo items? Or perhaps have separate templates for hidden text-todo/fixme items?
  • Build individual project pages for everything on Projects listed as complete. That section is stupid, and should just be emptied. Maybe there needs to be a manual list of projects instead of relying on the category. I hate categories. Oh wait, is swearing allowed here? I fucking hate categories.
  • Follow up with Scott regarding infoAnarchy's archival.
    • Redo the archiving myself if need-be.
      • Include a complete history of all pages.
      • Make paths relative.
  • Uh. ArchiveTeam Warrior lists projects, and so does Projects.. I hate duplication. Fix this. Like a cat. Hold it down and cut its hairy little balls off.