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* Archive.org mirror of WebCite?
* Archive.org mirror of WebCite?
* ArchiveTeam.org wiki dumps
** Get xml dumps and image dumps to be weekly again
** Make info about them being available more prominent
*** Maybe link on each page, or an ArchiveTeam.org wiki article or something
** Related links:
*** [[Frequently_Asked_Questions]]
**** http://www.archiveteam.org/dumps/
**** http://www.archiveteam.org/images/
*** http://code.google.com/p/wikiteam/downloads/list?can=2&q=archiveteam
*** http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=wikiteam%20archiveteam
**** http://www.archive.org/details/wiki-archiveteam.org
**** http://www.archive.org/details/ArchiveTeamWiki2011-07-23
*** (Above links aren't regularly updated except for google code. No scheduled image dump. Archive.org stuff only from July/August.)

== Neat Pages of the Moment ==
== Neat Pages of the Moment ==

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Current Concerns


  • Make WantedPages
    • This should really be fixed:
    • Special:WantedPages
    • Lots of sites to do with lots of people wanting them.
  • Implement on a better table system, so color codes can be automatic (good, bad, could be better, etc). There's some kind of builtin wikimedia thing for this.
    • Ex: WikiTeam
    • And good color coding on the table on the IRC page
  • Any chance we could get the index.php taken out of the main url (and put in a redirect to not break old links)?
  • Ping yipdw about BerliOS archiving status
  • Archive.org mirror of WebCite?

Neat Pages of the Moment