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No title
Infobox project logo
Employee captured tearing page.png
URL None
Project status Unknown
Archiving status Unknown
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown


{{Infobox project
| title = 
| logo = 
| image = 
| description = 
| URL = 
| project_status = 
| archiving_status = 
| source =
| tracker = 
| irc = 
| irc_network = 
| lead =
  • Title: name of the project
  • Image: screenshot of website, real photo...
  • Description: image caption
  • URL: Internet URL if available
  • Project status: {{online}}, {{closing}}, {{endangered}}, {{specialcase}}, {{offline}}
  • Archiving status: {{upcoming}}, {{inprogress}}, {{saved}}, {{partiallysaved}}, {{selfsaved}}, {{nosavedyet}}, {{lost}}, {{unknown}}
  • Source: a link to the respository holding the source code for the projects archiving scripts, GitHub or otherwise
  • Project tracker: For projects that use a tracking server for coordination, the url of the tracker's status page
  • IRC: IRC channel in EFnet for coordination, if any (no # needed, for example: archiveteam or urlteam)
  • IRC network: IRC network, if not EFnet. See {{IRC}} documentation for options
  • Project lead: The person responsible for this project, to be contacted with, for instance, questions on dormant projects.