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== Hardware ==
== Hardware ==
The tracker runs on a [http://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Clown_hosting#linode Linode 1 GB] instance operated by [[User:Chronomex|chronomex]].
The tracker runs on a [http://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Clown_hosting#linode Linode] instance operated by [[User:Chronomex|chronomex]].
== Monitoring ==
== Monitoring ==

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General Overview

Project admin overview

The Tracker software is the center-pivot of Archiveteam's distributed archiving efforts. It hands out items to be downloaded and keeps track of what is completed. Items can be usernames, subdomains, full urls, basically any unit we can use to break the site into manageable chunks. The progress of each project can be viewed via the leader board interface on http://tracker.archiveteam.org .

A leaderboard

The Warrior is the yang to the Tracker's yin. The warriors get the list of current projects from the project file on http://warriorhq.archiveteam.org/ .


This is a sample project snippet from the projects.json file (line breaks included for readability):

    "name": "streetfiles",
    "title": "Streetfiles",
    "description": "Streetfiles is closing April, 30th, 2013.",
    "repository": "https://github.com/ArchiveTeam/streetfiles-grab.git",
    "logo": "http://archiveteam.org/images/7/7b/Streetfiles-logo.png",
        "<a href='http://tracker.archiveteam.org/streetfiles/'>
        <img src='http://archiveteam.org/images/7/7b/Streetfiles-logo.png'
        alt='Streetfiles' width='235' height='50' /></a>",
    "deadline": "2013-04-30T23:59:59Z",
    "host": "streetfiles.org",
    "leaderboard": "http://tracker.archiveteam.org/streetfiles/",
    "lat_lng": [

It shows where to get the grab code and other project information.

Here is an example root of the file:

    "auto_project": "projectslug",
    "broadcast_message": "<p>This message is shown only 
        in the warrior VM web UI at time of writing.</p>",
    "tracker_banner_html": "This is shown on the tracker 
        front page. <em>Wow!</em>",
    "warrior": {"seesaw_version":"0.7.0"},
    "projects": [],


The tracker runs on a Linode instance operated by chronomex.


http://tracker.archiveteam.org has a Munin instance located at http://zeppelin.xrtc.net/corp.xrtc.net/shilling.corp.xrtc.net/.

Software used:

  • Universal Tracker is a Ruby HTTP application that sends and receives JSON payloads and uses Redis for the data store.
  • Redis A memory based key value store
  • Debian is the Linux distribution the stack is built upon.
  • warrior-hq a small Sinatra web app to manage the Warriors and display the geo-location world map.

You can also set up your own tracker.


These are the volunteers who take care of the different services that form Archive Team and URLTeam. This list is not inclusive.

Service: Admins:
Wiki Admins SketchCow, winr4r
Universal Tracker SSH

warriorhq.archiveteam.org (projects.json)

alard‡, Smiley‡, underscor, yipdw‡, xmc‡, glados‡, chfoo‡
Universal Tracker web interface alard, GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley, yipdw, underscor, chfoo
Anarchive server GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley
URLTeam Tracker software GLaDOS, omf_, Smiley
Github Organization Admins GLaDOS, ivan`, omf_, yipdw, chfoo
ArchiveBot yipdw, ivan`, joepie91, m1das
#archiveteam-twitter twitter to IRC bot GLaDOS


Domain registration (archiveteam.org urlte.am) SketchCow
Fortress of Solitude (FOS.textfiles.com) SketchCow
seesaw PyPI joepie91, chfoo
URLTeam 2 arkiver, chfoo

In case of tracker maintenance emergency, please contact these active users (as of 2014-08-29). Tracker emergencies only!: