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San Francisco Bay Guardian
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint) webpage on October 14th, 2014


  • October 15th, 2014 came back up and archivebot started indexing the entire website in WARC.

  • October 14th, 2014

San Francisco's Progressive Paper of Record the San Francisco Bay Guardian has been terminated.

  • Website down effectively immediately
  • Wednesday's print version is the last print version.
  • Reporters have cleaned out their desks and vacated the building.

There's some history to the recent acquisition, firing, and shutting down of the paper here:

In a nutshell, San Francisco Media Company bought San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2012 and the other alternative weekly SF Weekly in 2013.

SF Media Company also owns the SF Examiner newspaper. I guess three newspapers was too much so they decided to downsize!

Gone is 40+ years of investigate reporting and journalism from the archives. is still around with a goodbye letter.

 The San Francisco Bay Guardian, a leading voice for progressive San Francisco since 1966, has stopped publishing. The San Francisco 
 Media Company, which has published the Guardian since 2012, will publish the final issue on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014.
 As a company, we are proud of the SF Bay Guardian's legacy as a community watchdog, a publication with stellar reporting and its 
 passion to push for a better city. It gave a voice to many in the city who might have been otherwise shut out of the corridors of power, 
 kept countless city leaders honest and inspired a new breed of journalism across the nation.
 We say good-bye to a member of our media family and to an institution that has been a vital advocate for its vision for San Francisco 
 for nearly half a century. The Guardian leaves San  Francisco a better city for the role it has played in shaping it these last decades.

Local Press:

ArchiveBot started scraping on October 15th. mirror PDF mirror issues can be found here:

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Screenshot of SF Bay Guardian mirror 2011-2014 on
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Bay Guardian document names for the 192 back issues are:

  • 45.11 - 45.52
  • 46.01 - 46.52
  • 47.01 - 47.52
  • 48.01 - 48.52
  • 49.01 - 49.03 API

  • uses a Flash viewer to stream JPEGS, but the iPhone App has access to the full pdfs
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 # "pdfUrl": ""
 # NOTE: the covers are not pdfs, they are jpegs, and have null pdfUrl fields (also s3 buckets):
 # "jpgUrl": ""
 # Request Document ID for a given username and document name:
  # "documentId":"141007194746-7819f25a55f483150eb9462df2f4be34",
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