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''And we've been trashing our history''
''And we've been trashing our history''

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And we've been trashing our history

This website is intended to be an offloading point and information depot for a number of archiving projects, all related to saving websites or data that is in danger of being lost. Besides serving as a hub for team-based pulling down and mirroring of data, this site will provide advice on managing your own data and rescuing it from the brink of destruction.

Feel free to join us on IRC! We're on the EFnet network in a channel called #archiveteam, where we say truly awful things.

What's here

Archive Team

  • Deathwatch is where we keep track of sites that are sickly, dying or dead.
  • Fire Drill is where we keep track of sites that seem fine but a lot depends on them.
  • Projects is to keep track of AT endeavors.
  • Philosophy describes the ideas underpinning our work.

DIY Data Rescue

  • Software will assist you in regaining control of your data by providing tools for information backup, archiving and distribution.
  • Storage Media is about where to get it, what to get, and how to use it.

The site is still very new. Please be patient with the missing bits or help us fill them in.