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Bitbucket is a version control repository hosting service, marketed mostly towards proprietary and enterprise software but with a substantial FLOSS presence.

Mercurial repositories

It announced on 2019-08-20 that it would be ending Mercurial support to focus exclusively on Git.[1] Creating new Mercurial repositories was disabled on 2020-02-01, and all Mercurial repositories and API were to be removed on 2020-07-01.[2] The actual removal happened in mid-August 2020.


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IRC channel #kickthebucket (on hackint)
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Our archival was based on an enumeration of Mercurial repositories from Bitbucket's search API after the February lockdown. Repositories were still writable until they were made read-only in early July. Although the API returns an updated-on field, it is not clear whether this is the repository or its metadata.

The project was split into two parts: the actual hg repositories were retrieved through the Mercurial project (developed for this but reusable for hg repositories in general), and bitbucket covered the web interface (issues, pull requests, wikis, etc.). Apart from around 200 odd repositories, we managed to archive everything successfully.


  • Total repos online: 245,068
  • Total reported size (fairly accurate): 5.23 TiB (does this include hg compression?)
  • Mean reported size: 22.4 MiB
  • Median reported size: 205 KiB
  • Maximum reported size: 14.4 GiB

Existing discussion and tooling

Site structure

Some API requires auth, some does not. Rate limits are documented here.


  2. The original sunset date was 2020-06-01, but on 2020-04-21 this was pushed back due to Coronavirus.