ArchiveTeam Warrior/Docker environment variables

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The ArchiveTeam Warrior docker image supports the following environment properties:

  • DOWNLOADER: Nickname to show your results on our tracker. Letters and numbers only.
  • HTTP_USERNAME: Optional username to protect the web interface, leave unset to disable.
  • HTTP_PASSWORD: Optional password to protect the web interface, leave unset to disable.
  • SELECTED_PROJECT: Project to work on. Set to auto for ArchiveTeam’s Choice, or retrieve the value from /home/warrior/projects/config.json for other projects.
  • CONCURRENT_ITEMS: How many items should the warrior download at a time? (Default: 2, Max: 6)
  • SHARED_RSYNC_THREADS: The maximum number of concurrent uploads.

Docker environment properties are set with the --env (or -e) command line flag, for example -e SELECTED_PROJECT=auto.

These values are written to /home/warrior/projects/config.json by and used for the initial values when the image starts up. They can be changed later via the web interface.