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Wysp logo
URL https://www.wysp.ws/
Status Offline
Archiving status Saved! (in 2023)
Archiving type DPoS
Project source wysp-grab
Project tracker wysp
IRC channel #wyspedaway (on hackint)
Project lead OrIdow6
Data[how to use] archiveteam_wysp

Wysp was a website and community founded in 2011 focused on helping creators in the digital art space "to grow ever better and bigger".[1] It permanently shut down on 2023-08-01, urging users to save any data they wish to keep as it will not be recoverable after then.[2]

Initial remarks on grab

The site is fairly clean overall but has hetrogenetity in its JS (for instances the subtle differences in bookmarks vs followers loading) that required a lot of tedium writing the script. Playback should go well except for gallery list pages, which use XHR requests whose col_heights parameter is a function of browser width, and (as far as I can tell) the text content of text posts, when they appear; I have tried to recreate the calculation of col_heights on a 1080px-width screen, but it will probably break on text posts.

The site has NSFW ("Mature") posts, which do not require a login to view given their URL, but require one to see on the gallery list pages/requests. Therefore I get gallery pages with an authed session cookie. Also, the requests made by the "following" tab will redirect to the homepage if not authed; this looks a lot like an oversight, but out of caution I get them authed but with write_to_warc=false, for discovery; and unauthed to capture the redirect, which is saved.

Grab progress

Smooth overall. At one point items from Egloos got sent to Wysp because I carelessly copied and pasted some code.

[1] shows up as having no submissions (despite nonzero counters) on the live site, as well as in the archive. Presumably there are more like this.