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The Internet Archive has enormous resources at its disposal, and shares many parallel goals with Archive Team. There are some advantages to making as much of Archive Team's data saves available to ARCHIVE.ORG, especially as regards the Wayback Machine, a mechanism to be able to browse older web materials going back years. Where possible, Archive Team works with ARCHIVE.ORG, and get the love going.

Headers and Logs

The most striking difference between Archive Team and ARCHIVE.ORG is that while Archiveteam traditionally considers header and logging information to be a nice hat trick if you have the time, ARCHIVE.ORG absolutely needs it to import into their Wayback Machine.

How? See The WARC Ecosystem.

The "Archiveteam" Collection currently has an Archive Team Collection, which consists of site-grabs, older archives, and various rips/mass downloads from websites and Archive Team activities. Right now, that collection is primarily administered by Jason Scott — sending him e-mail at with something you think that collection should have is probably the best way to go about things.