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WebCite 1303510291663.png
URL https://www.webcitation.org/
Status Endangered (April 2022)
Archiving status Saved! (July 2019, S3 bucket only)
Not saved yet
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #websighed (on hackint)
Data[how to use] archiveteam_webcite

WebCite is an on-demand web archiving site.

Unlike most of the targets on AT's hitlist, Webcite is a nonprofit consortium of about a hundred scholarly journals and universities, as well as Wikipedia and Archive.org; with a specific mandate to preserve submitted content indefinitely. However, it appears to be having funding and stability issues.

But Archive Team trusts no man nor consortium! Fortunately, Webcite has a convenient online form where you can apply to host a mirror.


Sep 11, 2011

We apologize for the recent outage following the week of Sep 3rd, 2011. WebCite went down due to a hardware failure, and restoring our huge database took a couple of days. Everything should be back to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

February 2013

WebCite will stop accepting new submissions end of 2013, unless we reach our fundraising goals to modernize and expand this service.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign. If you are interested in keeping this service alive, please give generously - or at least share our campaign on Facebook. Funders supporting us with $250 or more will be acknowledged by name on our redesigned website.


July 2019

We are currently not accepting archiving requests. The archival state/snapshots of websites that have been archived with WebCite in the past can still be accessed and cited.

17th July 2019

A grab of the s3 bucket used by webcite has been completed by Archive Team. It is currently pending a collection on the Internet Archive. Once issued & uploaded this page will be updated. 31 million items totalling a compressed size of 648GB was captured (the complete bucket).

April 2022

While their home page is accessible, sub pages such as http://www.webcitation.org/query.php and archived pages are inaccessible. Instead, after roughly a minute of loading time, the error "DB Connection failed" appears. The page was functional until at least October 2021.[1]

It also appears that a significant fraction of the S3 bucket data archived in 2019 was removed from the bucket at some point since then.


You can archive a website filling this form (url and e-mail parameters are mandatory): https://www.webcitation.org/archive

Also, you can archive link batches: https://www.webcitation.org/comb When archiving a lot of links, checking all the checkboxes is hard, just install CheckFox add-on for Firefox and enjoy.

If you want to search for a page before archiving (perhaps it was archive before by other person) use this: https://www.webcitation.org/query

You can create a bookmarklet for your web browser, so, when surfing an interesting website, you can archive it just pressing an icon/bookmark. Instructions here: https://www.webcitation.org/bookmarklet I recommend do not put the entire e-mail address, just "test@test." and fill the .com manually, to avoid automatically archiving undesired sites by error.

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