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(formerly #lastbyte (on hackint)) was an online community for the Gothic–industrial subcultures. Created by site owner Jet Berelson in 1999.

Shutdown announcement

It's difficult to find the original source for this, but on 2019-06-17 it has been announced that the social network is shutting down on 2020-02-01.

Site structure

The site is quite a rabbit hole and we haven't fully identified everything yet.

  • We've enumerated 121.663 account names and can continuously monitor for new signups.
  • Every user has a profile, some of them require a login
  • Every user has a gallery that may contain pictures hosted on, some of them require a login
  • A profile may embed a number of songs that are loaded from, the cdn structure is identical with
  • There seems to be a newsfeed style stream people post into
  • There's a forum
  • There are so called cults that seem to have their own "homepage" and may contain forums(?). Some(/All?) of them require us to join and some require an application process. We might have to pass on cults.

Known domains and subdomains



job:etwtnungrkvw6qwrwokc9790a There are about 18 GiB of pics at collected from the reachable URLs in

Warrior Project

A warrior project (as described in the infobox) was attempted shortly before the site shut down. However, unexpectedly, the site had Cloudflare DDoS protection on, which meant that any "high" (in normal terms, rather low) global request rate - such as one that could save more than a small portion of the site's information - caused everyone visiting it, including warriors, to get a CAPTCHA. Thus almost nothing was grabbed by the warriors.