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Under Construction + some pieces of advice

You seem to be overusing the Under Construction template. It was me who created it back in 2015, and I used it on the proposed new version of some pages as part of some restructuring of wiki pages.

My purpose was to inform the visitor that that was not the official version of that page. However, if you start a page for a website or ArchiveTeam project, that's another cup of tea: the own nature of wikis is that their content is continuously expanded, so in that case there is no need to say the page is under construction.

Another note: Don't overwork yourself on the wiki. I did in 2015 in vain. I don't think there are too many people who read it. Its main purpuse is to – as JAA pointed out – document key information about projects and websites. Mainly for other members of the team as technical information, and – I think less importantly – for visitors (and journalists). This is not Wikipedia. Our main activity is to actually work on projects, by developing code and operating nodes that run those codes. Communication is done on IRC.

I just wanted to give some friendly advice on what and what not to concentrate your energy. Also, our team tends to despise too much speech (and questions) and too little work. (To get and idea, see this and the referenced conversations.) I consider myself one of the more patient members of the team, and would like to help you avoid conflicts and rejection.

There is almost unlimited amount of stuff out there to archive. It looks like that in the last few months/years, ArchiveTeam started saving more and more kinds of it. I hope you can find the projects you can help with, or start your own projects, for any of which I wish you persistence and fun. bzc6p (talk) 07:58, 5 May 2019 (UTC)

Hello, @bzc6p. Thanks alot for the friendly advice. I used Template:underconstruction whenever I was not sure whether a page is mature enough. If you believe that the page is mature, feel free to remove the template from the pages that use them. And I also wanted to document information about some sites (e.g. MegaSWF, and VXHeaven) that went down, losing some information. But again, thank you very much for the message. Feel free to contact me again at any time. --ATrescue (talk) 09:33, 5 May 2019 (UTC)