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Qwerty0 regrets he didn't discover the Archive Team earlier. Qwerty0 is very concerned about preserving data for posterity and is all about helping the cause. In fact, Qwerty0 has already pitched in with the Google Video rescue, Lulu Poetry, and Friendster.

On the IRC channels, Qwerty0 is variously known as Qwerty0, Qwerty1, Qwerty01, TheQwerty, or TheQwerty0, depending on how many machines he has it open on and how much of a bitch Pidgin is being.

Oh, and fyi, Qwerty0 has spent a lot of time at Wikipedia, which is where he learned all that wikimarkup and why he is usually the one to edit the wiki pages.

Here is where Qwerty0 rambles sometimes: