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  • A user
  • Really understand the Thai language
  • At least two times accounts "locked" and archived videos (probably)deleted. I guess the bans are requested by an idol company or some fans, so I think I should not archive that idol group(s) anymore.

Internet Archive

Banned Internet Archive accounts AFAIK

  • | note = Many contents deleted/darkened due to the ban. I understand this banning if it is because this username is not allowed.
  • | note = Almost all contents deleted/darkened due to the ban.

(Probably)Deleted Internet Archive items AFAIK

  • | note = Nara is NOT me and I never contact him, but because he knows the Thai language and some contents are Thai, I count him as my alliance. All contents (probably)deleted, maybe because copyright infringement reason, I guess, since some adult contents are exist in the IA. It looks like he is banned/locked too.
  • | note = A NOTABLE book in English but it is copyrighted and now it is (probably)deleted.
  • Some BNK48-related contents
  • Some Thai songs
  • Some Thai books

Interested collection(s)

  • (Thailand or Thai-Language Television, A generalized collection of television shows in the Thai language or from Thai television stations.) (I am not Ratthanunaaa nor DD1111, never contact him, and don't know who he is, but my start of archiving is inspired by him.)
    • All of HDPhim's video are in Vietnamese language, not Thai (so they are also never aired in Thailand) why they are in the Thaitelevision collection??
    • Some TV channels has YouTube Channel(s), or someome uploaded Thai TV clips, so I use the
    • In my experience, South Korean and Japanese TV clips are usually "blatantly copyrighted", sometimes they are removed very quickly (not sure about the quick-deleter in this cases is an automatic bot or an admin), especially entertainment contents and idol contents. But I think sometimes I may have the materials.