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In the summer of 2009, I started saving GeoCities sites related to the television series Forever Knight (most of which are now archived at ). Having no idea that there were people engaged in a much larger scale projects, I expanded my efforts to other fandoms. In particular, I focused on saving virtual seasons for a variety of fandoms, as well as fan sites associated with Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, the latter because I discovered that a fairly high proportion of such sites were not on the Wayback Machine.

My method was very low tech, including right-clicking on each graphic individually. In many cases, some or all of the internal structure of the site was lost when I simply dumped all the files in together. Furthermore, I have to some degree compounded this, since some sites have had their pages edited to make relative links so they'll run right.

Many, if not most of the sites that I have saved will already be here—or saved by one of the other groups of people trying to archive GeoCities. However, there are probably at least some that have not been saved elsewhere.

Here's a list of sites that I saved, in whole or in part:





Neighbourhood and/or Suburb Address:

Non-neighbourhood addresses: