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Uncyclopedia is a loosely-defined collection of humour wikis which parody Wikipedia in various languages. Each language is an independent project with no apparent central control or co-ordination; the names are usually but not always un-, dis-, in- or ne- logical negations followed by a local word for "encyclopedia". There is a supposed master list of these at uncyclopedia.info

Portions of the project were hosted on Wikia, which dropped the last of its Uncyclopedia-related wikis on May 14, 2019 per [1]. Others were independent from the outset. Of these:

  • The *.uncyclopedia.info wikis (desciclopedia.org, hikipedia.org, uncyclopedia.tw...) have downloadable XML dumps and images on http://download.uncyc.org
  • A few languages (cs: de: fr: es: he: and one version of en:) are on uncyclopedia.co; there are no downloadable dumps for these
  • A handful of Uncyclopedia-related projects (ar:, it: and zh-cn:) are on Miraheze, which only provides XML dumps in response to a request from the sysops via Special:DataDump.
  • The remaining wikis are independents. It is unclear if any dumps are placed online by sitemasters (most likely, no):
    • Korean, uncyclopedia.kr (dumps)
    • Russian, absurdopedia.net
    • Russian, absurdopedia.wiki
    • Polish, nonsa.pl
    • English, uncyclopedia.ca
    • German, stupidedia.org (read-only as of 2019, founded independently, links the Uncyclopedias as 'languages' of the same project)
    • German, kamelopedia.net (founded independently, links the Uncyclopedias as 'languages' of the same project)

In some cases, an outdated fork was left on Wikia despite the community moving elsewhere years ago. In others, Wikia's refusal to close projects when users fork has left two competing versions of the same project in the same language, with significant discrepancies in content. In a few languages, the split in the community has outlived Wikia's ill-fated involvement. Do not assume that you have a complete set of Uncyclopedias just by downloading whatever was on Wikia.

Illogicopedia is nominally a separate project; it was available on download.uncyc.org until 2012, but en.illogicopedia.org is now hosted by uncyclopedia.co with no downloadable backups.


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