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UOL Forums
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Screenshot of the Jogos forums as of 2019-01-03
Screenshot of the Jogos forums as of 2019-01-03
URL Jogos Esporte Televisão Tecnologia Jogos beta
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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)
(formerly #UhOhL (on EFnet))

UOL Forums were UOL's discussion forums. The forums were put into read-only mode on 2018-12-03 and were scheduled to shut down on 2019-01-07.

Shutdown notice

At the end of October[1], the following notice was added at the top of the forum:

O Fórum UOL está em processo de desativação.

No dia 03/12/2018 o Fórum passará para o modo "apenas leitura", em que não será possível criar tópicos e respostas.

A desativação completa do Fórum será feita no dia 07/01/2019.

Este fórum fez parte da história de gerações de brasileiros. Agradecemos a todos os foristas que participaram disso.

Rough translation:

The UOL Forums will be deactivated soon.

On the 3rd of December 2018, the forum will be switched to read-only mode, and it will no longer be possible to create topics or replies.

The complete deactivation of the forum will take place on the 7th of January 2019.

This forum was part of the history of generations of Brazilians. Thanks to everyone who participated in this.

After the switch to read-only, the second line was replaced with:

Conforme comunicado anteriormente, o Fórum está em modo "apenas leitura", por isso não é mais possível criar tópicos e respostas.

(As announced previously, the forum is now in read-only mode, and it is no longer possible to create topics or replies.)

The DNS records were changed on January 7th around 18:00 UTC, at which point around 40% total was saved.[2] The server was completely shut down on January 14th shortly before 13:00 UTC, with 99% total saved. Missing contents include some large threads with thousands of pages (which almost always triggered a server-side error, aborting the grab) and some with references to broken or problematic offsite resources. 1185 items (= ranges of 10 thread IDs) out of 1804000 items in total were not retrieved cleanly.

Site structure

There were four main forums: Jogos, Esporte, Televisão, and Tecnologia. In addition, there was a "beta" site for the Jogos forums, which contained different contents than the "main" Jogos forums.

A custom forum software was used. Thread IDs appeared to be shared between the four forums, but a thread was only accessible on the forum it is attached to. The beta Jogos forums were separate.

The forums claimed that there were 7429702 threads with 179927292 posts, but this didn't match up with either the thread IDs, which ended at about 4.5 million, or the post IDs, which ended at about 78.7 million. (While these latter numbers refer only to the main forums, the beta Jogos forums were small in comparison, containing only 213k threads with 3.7M posts.) On 2019-01-12 around 13:00 UTC, the number of threads and posts on at least the Jogos forum page suddenly (within 5 minutes) increased to 7647006 and 183364475, respectively.


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  2. @kiska in #uhohl IRC channel