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Toys "R" Us
Toys "R" Us logo
Toys "R" Us' USA storefront on March 10, 2018
Toys "R" Us' USA storefront on March 10, 2018
URL,,,, others
Status Endangered, some divisions Closing
Archiving status Upcoming..., some Lost
Archiving type Unknown
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Toys "R" Us is an international toy retailer. It also runs the Babies "R" Us sub-brand which offers supplies for newborns.


Toys "R" Us filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2017 to allow it to attempt to deal with a large debt load, which let it to continue operations through another holiday season but sunk the company further into debt as it had to take out a $3.1 billion loan. The hope that another holiday season would provide positive results didn't turn out that way, with actual results painting a dismal picture.

Reports began to emerge on March 8th, 2018 that the company was preparing to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy to begin an immediate liquidation of its remaining assets as soon as the following week, failing an eleventh-hour rescue buyout or loan.

Toys "R" Us' division in the United Kingdom entered administration in March 2018, with liquidation sales commencing soon afterward.

So just ArchiveBot it, right?

Ha, not so fast. Preliminary archiving attempts on the USA and UK storefronts reveal that Toys "R" Us has somehow managed to ban many server IPs, likely to combat robots buying big-ticket items that are in limited quantities like the Nintendo Switch. This may make archival of Toys "R" Us' web presence difficult.

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