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TinyUpload is a file sharing site allowing files up to 50MB to be uploaded. The result is a download link. No account, email, or other personal information are needed to upload files.


"downloaded files hosted for ever"!, they proudly proclaim on the homepage of their site.

"Woohoo!" shout the users.

"unless file is not downloaded for 100 days", they add, on a section of the site that uploaders / downloaders are not normally exposed to.

"eeek!" cry the users, having come back later and lost their files.

Scope for Mass Downloading

Files URLs are of the form http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=80689666295463618900 , where the ID is numerical but not incremental. The use of 20 decimal digits as IDs mean that the theoretical maximum number of files is 100 Quintillion, which makes mass archival by incrementing through the IDs practically impossible.

If a method of mass downloading was found, paradoxically, this would result in any files that were being downloaded remaining online, as the activity for such files would be reset back to 100 days when they were downloaded.