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ThinkGeek's web presence in July 2010, "Stuff for Smart Masses"
ThinkGeek's web presence in July 2010, "Stuff for Smart Masses"
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ThinkGeek was an online retailer of computer accessories, sci-tech toys, and later geek pop culture toys in operation from mid-1999 to mid-2019. Its parent company, Geeknet, was bought by GameStop in 2015, though the site continued to run for a few years after that. The same year, it branched out to running physical retail stores, with the first one opening in the Florida area in 2015 and a couple dozen more after that.[1][2][3]

Vital signs

GameStop killed the ThinkGeek website in July 2019, in favor of a ThinkGeek section on its website (as well as its EB Games counterparts in Canada and Australia/New Zealand) with a significantly pared down selection of items along with its retail operations.[4] Remnants of its presence remain elsewhere on the web, mostly through its YouTube channel and social media pages.

The retail operations bearing the ThinkGeek brand continued to run, but, no doubt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, its first store in Orlando announced it was liquidating on August 13, 2020, and shut down by September 27, 2020.[5][6] Virtually all of its other retail outlets are in the Pacific Northwest, the New England area, and the Deep South.