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Hotlink detection

It's been a while ever since they pulled a ToS changed that tanked its userbase to no longer accept NSFW on the platform.

When saving tumblr blogs, I've noticed they've now added a hotlink detection on their images. If you obtain the image URL, and enter it in you browser, it takes you to the image file as expected. BUT if you refresh that page, now takes you to a page of the image (notice the buttons around the image), under that same image URL. Saving these image URLs directly are ineffective (because it will try to save a page of the image recursively and fail, resulting in displaying a broken image icon), but saving the blog page may successfully save the images. You have to repeatedly save the blog page multiple times in hopes it finally saves the image.

I'm writing this to inform fellow users saving tumblr images. --HotLink403 (talk) 22:02, 24 October 2020 (UTC)

Current state of tumblr | IMPORTANT

Hey, I’m coming straight from Tumblr.

In the last 5 months it’s actually been getting really really rough and bad.

I know you guys don’t really use it much, or have been up to date.

But currently it’s imploding due to the amount of no joke nazi’s I’m not even being hyperbolic or anything genuine nazi’s.

In the last 5 months it’s uh quadrupled?

And a lot of accounts are abandoning ship, and it’s literally becoming an actual hell hole.

And despite everything I have no idea if this will be the final straw to break the camels back.

It’s actually getting to the point I think a lot of advertisers are jumping ship, I have barely seen any non Tumblr ads in like months.

Like, no joke if something is going to kill tumblr?

It’s going to be now, the amount of NSFL and other stuff is uh not great! :)

And I don’t mean to scare anyone but uhhhhhhh, it’s really really bad.

Like to the point I genuinely have no idea how they are going to come back from this. It’s genuine insanity what is going on right now.

With all that’s happened with the Israel/palestine war, tumblr has become an ungovernable mess filled with not advertising friendly content and vile hate speech.

It’s real real bad --Popthebop (talk) 03:49, 20 March 2024 (UTC)

Hi Popthebop,
thanks for the report. If this is more than just your personal impression, but you can perhaps provide some articles or conversations (e.g. Reddit) discussing the problem, please raise this in the #archiveteam-bs IRC channel.
I don't follow closely, but it looks like a (partial?) archive of Tumblr was made in 2018, so if there's a considerable threat to the platform, ArchiveTeam might consider another crawl.
Note that few do read this wiki, this is used primarily for documentation. IRC is the best place to raise timely concerns.
-- bzc6p (talk) 13:30, 24 March 2024 (UTC)