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I was editing this article adding more social networks (among other things, see the edit history for details) but even so there are some points that I want to clarify:

  • On this sites I'm not sure that its really are social networks but leave them in the list of the article to someone that want review them:
    • My Opera
    • Wooxie
    • Xanga
  • Some social networks I have not added because their names are transliterated into other languages​​, and therefore I could not find his name in English, so next I leave a table with social networks and the language in which are their names for anyone with sufficient knowledge of the language can find the real name of those sites
Language Article where I got the information Unknown social networks
Arabic ملحق:قائمة مواقع شبكات اجتماعية
  • إبرنيكس
  • إكسبرينس بروجكت
  • جامر ديركت
  • دونتستالين
  • ديسابووم
  • ديلى بووث
  • فليدج وينج
  • كلووب
  • كوارتر لايف
  • كوليدج بلندر
  • كوليدج تونيت
  • كيك فينانشيال
  • موج
  • موقع لاست.كوم
Malayalam (not to be confused with Malay) സാമൂഹ്യക്കൂട്ടായ്മ വെബ്‌സൈറ്റുകളുടെ പട്ടിക
  • ഏഷ്യൻ അവന്യു
  • വിൻഡോസ് ലൈവ് സ്പേസസ്
  • While the article wikipedia:ja:ソーシャル・ネットワーキング・サービスの一覧 is in the reference section, when editing the list I not check it because contains many different sites organized by category (and also I have my doubts about whether many of them are a social network itself) but there it is for that any interested with sufficient knowledge of the japanese can extend the information in the article.

--Swicher 07:18, 24 November 2012 (EST)