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Hi People at Archive . com

I used to have a couple of web sites on Geocities, and didn't get a chance to save them because at the time of the closure, and all thru last summer, I lost my internet connection due to lack of funds. The cable internet provider in my region (Shaw Cable) charges too much for basic connection (129/ month) . I am on too low an income to afford their rates.

Please, please, please can you help me recover my web pages?

this was my transcribed journals:

this was my art portfolio:

and these were scanned images from my old sketchbooks, which are also lost.

I am greatly sadenned by this loss, and the timing of the Geocities closure when I had no internet connection.

Please Please Please Can someone help me recover the pages I lost.

Thank you

Marie Constance Levert Box 93 Slocan, BC V0G 2C0

1 250 551 2367 (cell) 1 250 355 2923 (home)