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Articles about Geocities closing

So I kind of tried to collect some pages, but:

Geocities to close after 15 years of aesthetic "awesomeness" - Ars Technica

Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities - TechCrunch

So Long, GeoCities: We Forgot You Still Existed - PCWorld

Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities - BBC News

"It's official: Yahoo is pulling the plug, and GeoCities is dead. GeoCities had suffered a long and drawn-out battle with its health over the past decade. An antiquated service model and outdated technology are widely blamed for the struggle. An official cause of death, however, has yet to be determined. Awful, eye-punishing graphics, lack of relevancy, and 'lowest-common-denominator design' are believed to have contributed to its demise. GeoCities was 15 years old." Yahoo Pulls the Plug on GeoCities - Slashdot

GeoCities to Shutdown; What Was GeoCities, You Ask? - Mashable

grawity 17:23, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Help wanted

Can we add something on this page about help wanted? Here's my list:

- Archiving pages that link to Geocities homesteads, before those disappear too. They might have information about homesteads that were not saved by any archiving projects.

- Asking former community leaders for help.

- Web pages about the Geocities heritage, explaining its historical and cultural significance and what it means to some people.

- Web pages with stories from community leaders and other homesteaders about their life at Geocities, and where they are now.

- Some kind of reconstruction or representation of the flavor, character and spirit of life at Geocities in the time of the neighborhoods and community leaders.

- Indexes and directories of the archives.

- Indexes and directories of surviving fragments of Geocities homesteads, friendships, neighborhoods and community life.

- Indexes and directories of information about Geocities. One example is Blade's list of the neighborhoods and suburbs.

- Reunions of homesteaders and community leaders.

--Jimhabegger 23:49, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Sending in a hard drive?

<dashcloud> zachera: if you want the complete archive, you'll need to mail a drive in- otherwise, search a torrent site for geocities- there's a copy of the torrent on piratebay

Who do I send the hard drive to?

Help Wanted

I'm looking for people to help with some GeoCities heritage projects. Anyone who might be interested, please see my user page. Please, only write if you are volunteering to help, or if you have information about the contents or new location of a homestead. If you send me questions about the archive, they will be ignored. I don't know any more than what you can find in this wiki. --Jimhabegger 14:57, 1 December 2009 (UTC)

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to mention this, There are no live 100% seeds for the Geocities Torrent, all peers get stuck at 23.7%. There are about 104 of them at the moment. Is it possible for at least one 100% seed be kept live, otherwise nobody can download past this point? --dananos 09:02, 15 November 2010 (UTC)

There is one seed. All peers has 23% because the upstream of the seed is limited. This torrent is huge, and was published 2 weeks ago. Emijrp 17:03, 15 November 2010 (UTC)
Update - I've just put live the 104 sites that I've managed to salvage so far [[1]]

The Torrent & Windows

I've learned (the hard way) that the Geocities torrent contains several files that share a directory, and differ only by the case of some of the letters in the filename. This can be a problem for Windows users, as Windows doesn't support having more than one file in the same directory with a name differing only by case. Instead, they end up being the same file, and you end up with oddball behavior from your torrent client.

To get around it, you'll need to somehow tell your torrent client to put one of each the conflicting files into a separate directory.

Here's the list of conflicting files. Please correct it if I've missed any.

LOWERCASE\geocities-_-c.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-_-C.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-a-l.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-a-L.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-a-w.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-a-W.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-e-g.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-e-G.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-n-c.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-n-C.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-o-o.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-o-O.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-x-g.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-x-G.7z.001

LOWERCASE\geocities-x-m.7z.001 vs LOWERCASE\geocities-x-M.7z.001

NUMBERS\geocities-1-l.7z.001 vs NUMBERS\geocities-1-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-b.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-B.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-d.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-D.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-f.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-F.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-g.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-G.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-k.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-K.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-m.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-M.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-n.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-N.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-v.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-V.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-A-z.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-A-Z.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-B-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-B-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-B-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-B-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-B-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-B-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-B-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-B-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-B-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-B-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-d.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-D.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-h.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-H.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-p.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-P.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-C-y.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-C-Y.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-j.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-J.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-m.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-M.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-D-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-D-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-E-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-E-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-E-n.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-E-N.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-E-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-E-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-E-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-E-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-E-v.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-E-V.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-F-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-F-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-F-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-F-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-F-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-F-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-F-t.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-F-T.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-F-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-F-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-G-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-G-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-G-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-G-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-G-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-G-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-G-w.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-G-W.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-H-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-H-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-H-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-H-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-H-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-H-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-I-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-I-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-I-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-I-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-J-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-J-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-J-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-J-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-J-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-J-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-J-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-J-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-b.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-B.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-k.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-K.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-K-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-K-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-d.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-D.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-p.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-P.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-L-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-L-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-p.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-P.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-t.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-T.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-M-y.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-M-Y.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-N-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-N-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-N-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-N-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-N-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-N-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-N-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-N-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-O-k.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-O-K.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-O-n.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-O-N.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-O-p.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-O-P.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-h.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-H.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-r.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-R.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-P-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-P-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-R-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-R-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-R-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-R-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-R-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-R-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-R-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-R-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-c.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-C.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-h.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-H.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-l.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-L.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-m.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-M.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-p.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-P.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-t.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-T.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-S-w.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-S-W.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-c.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-C.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-h.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-H.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-u.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-U.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-T-y.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-T-Y.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-U-n.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-U-N.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-U-s.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-U-S.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-V-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-V-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-V-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-V-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-V-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-V-O.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-W-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-W-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-W-e.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-W-E.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-W-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-W-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-W-y.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-W-Y.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-a.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-A.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-i.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-I.7z.001

UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-o.7z.001 vs UPPERCASE\geocities-Z-O.7z.001

  • Added 8 more and deleted one. Alex1 11:12, 25 July 2015 (EDT)

The Torrent: Status

I just talked in the irc channel. I'm writing this so more people don't have to come in and ask the same questions.

As of Monday Jan 10, 2010: 53.53% (or 343.3 GB) is complete for the wild part of the torrent. The few seeds connect occasionally, hand out some new pieces and leave.

In storage terms I trivially think of it as something less than the $100 hard drive available at the local store. As torrent user, I also think nothing of it in download, as I'm on a consumer line that isn't pay-$-per-X-unit-bytes.

The people seeding (Thank you), either have to pay for upload, or are avoiding problems with their ISP. While the torrent protocol reduces the price of distribution, it doesn't completely eliminate it. Hense the show up, give, disappear strategy. The new pieces get handed out to the die-hards, who torrent 24/7, they then hand the pieces to others in the swarm. When the seed returns, it won't hand out those pieces, as the 24/7 diehards have given out all the copies in the seed's absence.

Seriously (commercially) seeding would be on the $500/month range (and that's with the Super Seed option to not hand out duplicate pieces until every piece has gone out once), as an estimate. And the ArchiveTeam has other projects each of them is also working on.

So while they appear to be doing it wrong. There are good reasons. One is that only serious people will stick around, so the wild seeds won't all disappear when they hit 100%. Two: they are minimizing their cost until there are enough wild seeders that the original seeds can be up 24/7 with reasonable caps.

And if you really can't wait, there is that "mailing a hard drive" option mentioned above. YaVerOt 21:14, 10 January 2011 (UTC)

360.8 GB (56.26%) now. YaVerOt 07:39, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

478.28 (74.57%) now, but I was offline a bit, and some is still trickling in at a resolution I can't see with my client. YaVerOt 17:58, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

641.06 (99.95%) So 300MB remain, when the seed next connects I'll be complete and show as a seed. YaVerOt 06:25, 23 March 2011 (UTC)

Geocities Japan

Are there plans to collectively archive Geocities Japan? It seems to be afloat and offering paid tiers, which might mean it's still profitable, but who knows. --Sanqui 18:49, 20 March 2015 (EDT)

Pulling information from other archives and repacking a more complete torrent?

It's mentioned in the article that some of the other GeoCities archival projects (IE: ReoCities, OoCities,, Internet Archaeology and The Internet Archive) have been willing to share their archive data to fill in gaps. I think we should try and meet with them to merge our archives into one megatorrent for preservation. Otherwise, we should at least try and scrap them. has gone down in the past, and the other archives could die off at any moment.

Whoops, forgot to sign. OP was made by me. --Powerkitten (talk) 12:07, 24 October 2016 (EDT)