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ArchiveBot has star quality ☺ : ArchiveBot/ArchiveBot/commit/566aa53 --Chfoo 23:06, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

Feature Suggestions:

  • Full original Job ID (i.e. “dysua6jfe6y0t8k71i65ttx3o”) stored inside the saved .json files for each job. (At the moment, the file name stores the 5 first letters of the original JobID).
  • If a pipeline is running/has run low/out on/of space, alert to #ArchiveBot (on hackint)'s IRC channel.
    • …and move job to different pipeline, if technically possible.
  • Maybe, operate the ArchiveBot Twitter account again.
    • Ability to intercept URL's tweeted to it.
    • Ability to archive tweets in quotes and tweets replied to which includes @ArchiveBot or @ATArchiveBot, so that Twitter users can easily archive tweets by replying with “@ArchiveBot” mention.
      • That could be a lot of fun.
      • Could make ArchiveTeam more known.
  • Make PhantomJS work again (non-urgent because chromebot already exists for this purpose.
  • !a scans sitemaps (i.e. sitemap.xml file) and Robots.txt for more URL's.
  • !ao < does not only save the URL's within the list but also the URL list itself.
  • !a < for big archivals (if not already possible.)

DigitalOcean price change

According to a 2GB Memory / 60GB Storage / 3TB Bandwidth droplet now costs $15.