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TNTvillage was an Italian association and forum which collected releases, distributed via torrents and its own trackers, mostly for out of commerce works (hence the name "scambio etico", ethical swapping).

Founded in 2004, it always kept using an old custom software (an heavily customised ipb 1.3.1 board with some extensions to show tracker statistics at the bottom of the post announcing a release) and was constantly plagued by technical problems. It often had limitations for concurrent users and suspension of new registrations. Together with eMule, it nevertheless kept being popular with Italian internet users looking for Italian-language material not available on international trackers.

2019 announcement

In April 2019, an interview to Luigi Di Liberto spread the news about legal issues faced by the founder of TNTvillage. Later he announced the official disbanding of the association and impending shutdown of the website. On 2019-09-01 the following announcement replaced all pages:

TNT is closed

EN: Unfortunately due to Di Liberto's decision, not attributable to our will and with extreme regret, we inform you that the site and the forum are closed.

If you are a geek, you may be interested in downloading THIS.

IT: Purtroppo su decisione di Di Liberto, non imputabile alla nostra volontà e con estremo rammarico, vi informiamo che il sito e il forum sono chiusi.

Se sei uno smanettone, potresti essere interessato a scaricare QUESTO.

— TNT Team


An updated CSV dump was released on 2020-05-06:

An archive containing all the torrent files referenced in the latest CSV dump (2020-05-06) is available on the Internet Archive:

An archive containing all the torrent files stored in TNTVillage's server as of 2020-03-30, even the ones related to expired releases, is available on the Internet Archive:

Nearly all of the release topics in the forum have been preserved in the months before the shutdown via the wayback machine live web save page now feature. (The URLs can be obtained from the CSV dump as explained in the README contained in it.)

Some code was available at

Several partial mirrors and search engines for the list of releases have been announced on Reddit, including:

Internet Archive copy

Users are uploading torrents to the Internet Archive various collections: (an example script is available, less than 200 lines of code).

The Internet Archive items will need former TNTvillage users to re-seed the torrents they had previously downloaded (with the same torrent file or info_hash) in order to complete their download.