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SteamGridDB homepage as seen on March 7, 2020
SteamGridDB homepage as seen on March 7, 2020
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SteamGridDB is a website dedicated to the hosting of promotional assets for Steam and GOG. UGC on the site consists of "grids" (box art or small banners), "heroes" (high-resolution landscape art), and logos.

The site acts as both an aggregator of assets from around the Internet and a place to share self-made assets; both are allowed, and the site does not distinguish between them.

Vital signs

  • On 7 March 2020, the site's owner, doZennn, made an announcement regarding the future of the site on its Discord server. The site's Patreon page showed that they were only $41 towards the $250 needed per month to pay for the servers' expenses.
  • On 28 March 2020, doZennn made two announcements, stating first that the site would be shut down on the 31st of March unless its Patreon received adequate funding, and then later on in the day that they had received enough funding to keep the site alive for another month.

doZennn's 7 March 2020 announcement

This is an announcement I am not happy to make. We are no longer able to cover the server's costs, even with support from our patrons.

I am actively working on finding a permanent solution for this upset, so there's no need to panic.

In the absolute worst case scenario, where I have to shut the site down, you will be able to download all of your own uploads in bulk, and pledges for this month will be refunded. Of course I will still be making a backup of the database (including all the images) for safe keeping.

I'll keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.

doZennn's 28 March 2020 announcement

Hello @everyone, we have an important announcement to make in regard to the site:

As many of you know, SteamGridDB is no longer allowing uploads from our userbase. The costs or running, hosting, and maintaining even a simplistic image hosting site can be quite demanding. Unfortunately the funds made through the Patreon are insufficient so it has been decided that uploads must be disabled for the time being. The choices presented were pushing for more or potentially larger donations each month, adding advertisements to the site, or to attempt to establish external help. If a sponsorship can be landed, it may either greatly reduce site costs or potentially be free depending on the sponsor. IGDB offered their help but unfortunately can no longer assist in hosting the site or covering costs. They did what they could, but their hands are tied on this matter. If you want to help us reach our goal, we have until the 31st to reach it.

If the goal is not reached by then, then the site will be shut down. The site can still come back at any time as long as the goal gets reached eventually, nothing is going to be lost.

Link to the Patreon:

doZennn's second 28 March 2020 announcement

@everyone The majority of the costs are from data transfer, we serve terabytes of images every month (and it's is only growing as the site gets more users and more people use the API for their projects). I see the various different suggestions people have and will be checking them out today. Mostly the other CDN solutions to cut costs going forward.

In other news, we can run the site for another month!

Thanks to all the Patrons and a big donation from @tomas3333!

Shout outs to @IGDBros too, thanks for all the help!