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South Park Forums
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The South Park Forums were a platform for discussion about the TV series South Park and other topics.

Sometime between 2023-12-10[1] and 2023-12-14[2], a shutdown notice was added to the top of all pages, announcing that the forums would be 'sunset' on 2024-01-10 and pointing people to the official social media accounts and Discord. It was shut down at about 2024-01-10 19:20 UTC.

Since approximately 2023-06-14, the forums had been getting spammed heavily, resulting in almost two thirds of all topics being spam by the time of the shutdown.


The forums were available with the same content through a number of domains, redirecting the user to the appropriate domain based on their IP address. Known operational URLs with the relevant observed country codes as of early 2024 were:

Further URLs that appear in links in the forums but have not been confirmed:

Further URLs that appear in links in the forums and may have been in use in the past: