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Smack Jeeves
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Smack Jeeves is a host of webcomics which has been around on the internet since around mid-2005, though in recent years it has been dwarfed in popularity from competing sites like WEBTOON.


Smack Jeeves announced on November 1st, 2020 that it was going to throw in the towel at the end of the year, and encouraged its users to publish their works on Pocket Comics instead.

Site Update[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]

We have made the difficult decision to close Smack Jeeves at the end of the year. The site will be run until December 31st 2020. An option to download your archives has been added to the Comic Management section.

If you are interested in publishing your work on Pocket Comics, please contact us at

Thank you for sharing your work and building a welcoming community for artists.

After Smack Jeeves shut down on December 31st, 2020, it redirected visitors to the Pocket Comics website for a short period of time before the domain itself became inaccessible.