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Slideshare is a website to upload presentation decks. It's connected to LinkedIn and owned by Microsoft.

Alternatives to Slideshare

There is no good reason to use Slideshare. Over time, since being acquired, it has become less and less user-friendly (with new restrictions for downloads and other ways to force people to register and contribute personal data to Slideshare). Whenever it stops being useful for the job surveillance purposes of Microsoft, it will vanish.

User-friendly open archives exist which can be used with greater satisfaction. Unlike Internet Archive and Wikimedia Commons, some have specific features useful for slides, like Zenodo (, which:

  • is an open archive with open APIs, OAI-PMH, long-term preservation etc.;
  • makes the slides citable by assigning them a DOI;
  • allows easy and comprehensive metadata (including license, keywords, communities with their own management and OAI-PMH set).

The University of California's OSC explains why a social networking site is not an open access repository.

Archiving Slideshare

As of 2019, among public slides publicly available on Slideshare, hundreds of thousands are freely licensed (Creative Commons BY or BY-SA). They should probably be archived elsewhere.

A number of scripts exist to download slides, which are generally focused on working around the lack of a "download" button but could be useful for downloadable slides as well. Some appear actively maintained as of September 2019, but we have not tested them: