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We launched Slidecast in 2007 to allow users to pair audio with their slides. While we have seen some great    
Slidecasts created, usage hasn’t been as widespread as we had hoped, and we have decided to discontinue this 
feature on SlideShare. 
Slidecast will be retired in two phases:
The ability to create Slidecasts will cease on Feb. 28, 2014
Existing Slidecasts will be converted to static presentations on SlideShare on April 30, 2014
To save Slidecast files in their original form, creators can download their Slidecasts from their ‘My Uploads’  
section by April 30, 2014. After April 30, we’ll convert existing Slidecasts (on the SlideShare site and 
embeds  on other sites) into static presentations, so that there is not complete loss of content. For more 
information,  please read FAQs.
We are sad that Slidecast is going away, but we want to focus on improving and adding SlideShare features that 
will resonate with more users. Thank you for your support.
The SlideShare team