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IRC channel #bowlofpetunias (on hackint)
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Skyblog is a French blogging platform/social network hosted by the French radio station Skyrock. It announced on 16 June 2023[1] that 'to comply with legislation on personal data' it would shut down on 21 August 2023[2][3].

Anonymized data will supposedly be saved by the INA (French radio and television archive) and BNF (national library of France).[1] No provisions were made for exporting user data except some instructions on using general 'website downloading' software.[4]

Site structure

Blog IDs appear to be sequential, with a maximum of ~124M. Blogs can be enumerated at endpoints such as<user-id>, which resolves to https://<username> Each subdomain provides a sitemap.xml and atom.xml.

Individual posts are found at https://<username><post-id>-<post-slug>.html. Post IDs appear to be sequential and globally unique. Post slugs are not required; an incorrect or absent slug will redirect to the canonical URL as long as the blog name is correct.

There is a URL shortener at Its slugs for posts consist of the letter a followed by a base62-converted integer <user-id> × 1011 + <post-id>, which is impractical to brute-force. For example:

  • a post with post ID 3356709138 published by a blog with blog ID 33265738 would have a slug "a" + base62_convert("3326573803356709138")
  • a post with post ID 15 published by a blog with blog ID 132030 would have a slug "a" + base62_convert("13203000000000015")

There is an API.