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SCP Foundation
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SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing wiki that takes place in a shared universe where a fictional organization contains objects and entities that violate natural law. The current site was created on July 19, 2008.

SCP Foundation has thousands of creative works, but it is currently hosted on Wikidot, which has been abandoned for years and still has many bugs. It is not possible to log in on certain browsers such as Chrome.

In 2019, the site came under attack from a Russian man who illegally trademarked their name and logo. The man tried to take over the Russian branch to turn it into an advertisement for his merch.

The staff also occasionally "rewrite" older articles. While there are already multiple archives, they usually just have the current versions of the articles, and there are also several related wikis that have not been archived yet, such as SCP Explained (explains the SCP articles by summarizing them), SCP Classic (contains articles that were deleted from the main wiki and are currently archived), and the sandboxes (3 sites with "draft" articles). There are also many posts on the forums that have not yet been archived. There have also been mass deletions such as when a user got banned and asked for all of his works to be removed and in 2018 where a user voluntarily deleted all of his works and moved some of them to an offshoot wiki after the staff celebrated Pride Month by temporarily changing the logo to a rainbow logo for the entire month of June.

In mid-2021, there have been glitches that made "slots" (URLs) unusable when articles got deleted.