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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

RootsWeb is a genealogical site and community that has been around since the 80s, some of their mailing lists have messages going back to at least 1980.

In 2000 LLC (then, Inc.) acquired RootsWeb.

Mailing Lists

For many years (from the early 2000s) the list archives were on In 2015 there was a mirror of these archives with an index at and contents at Ca. early 2019,, apparently the same server as under a second domain, began being linked to by the main navigation for the lists of mailing list; however, it still linked back to for the list archives themselves. At this point the archives used HyperKitty. On 2020 March 02, the mailing list service was made read-only. Some groups moved to Around early November of 2020 the index domain was kept at mailinglists., but it began linking to (another alias) for the archive contents, which are now displayed by an unknown (perhaps bespoke) program (which among other things limits itself to showing 10000 posts and times out if you try to go beyond that); the HyperKitty archives stopped working at this point.

In 2015 there was an ArchiveBot job (job:e8fpg) for an index at It did not substantially pick up on any list contents. and were subject to a 13-month long AB job that was started in February 2020. When the lists were moved to an ignore was added for ^https?://lists\.rootsweb\.com/hyperkitty/ (those pages now useless) in order to speed it up.

A job for mlarchives. was run in February 2021. It finished cleanly in a few days, perhaps because it did not follow links in the messages.

Messages beyond the 10k limit can indeed be accessed by their IDs.


On 1999 October 07, RootsWeb started providing "unlimited" Freepages storage to users, before that they hosted guest pages by request.


RootsWeb previously hosted an IRC server at