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Project lead User:Sanqui is a submission-driven website hosting ROM hacks, translations, tools, and documentation, all likely poorly replicated elsewhere. A message board is also present.

Data Crystal

Data Crystal ([1]) is a wiki hosted by covering ROM hacking information, mainly formats of data structures and their locations in ROMs.

Disappearance (March 2017)

The site went down on 2017-03-15. (Host still up, nothing on port 80).

Nightcrawler, the owner of the website, has left the following message, relayed by The Cutting Room Floor:

There's not much I can say right now. An unfortunate chain of events occurred requiring a new full server built from scratch. There are some major real life events going on precluding me from making RHDN my top priority right now.

Sadly, I also have a DSL account with third world upload speeds, and this will impede all restoration efforts made. Things are very chaotic and I don't where we stand yet for restoration timelines. I will let you know when I know more.

We haven't shut down and will be back.

I aw one of our typical jokers is already keeping everybody informed. Do we know who is behind that?


The fake Twitter account proclaimed the site was closed due to a threat from Nintendo.

A few days later the website is back online. Downloading a file now requires copying a password into a form, restraining archival attempts. was put in ArchiveBot on 2017-03-20, and finished 2017-03-25. job:2grryqx5fiqz2b6yuz48nyz9o. was put in ArchiveBot on 2017-03-20, and finished. job:dp9c1o18rsowwxraacdw6kxz7.

It is still necessary to grab downloads on a modified ArchiveBot instance with a referrer set and captcha passed. List of download URLs.

Financial issues (July 2017)

On 2017-07-29, RHDN started a crowdfunding campaign due to financial issues:

We are at the end of the line and we need your help! We are out of funds and have no source of income. Yet, you ask us to keep going, keep providing new features, keep maintaining your favorite themes, keep processing submissions, and keep your home here updated and functional year after year. All of this as the site grows larger every single day! We can’t do this without you. Help us help YOU! We’ve set up a Patreon with more details below. Please give it a look for the benefit of all. Recent forum changes are of course related to Patreon tiers.

Support and Data Crystal on Patreon

Secondly, thanks for all of your feedback on RHDN 3.0. We’ve heard you, and we know what we have to do to fix it. Going forward we will outsource site design and layout to the professionals. There are no designers on staff, nor any community volunteers. We have done our best to get by for free, but that has not been enough. To fund this (if Patreon does not work out exceptionally well), our primary task will be finding sponsors for the site (appropriate Patreon tiers would be exempt from advertising). If you have any recommendations for your favorite design firm, or web consultant, please contact the staff! Also, if you have recommendations for sponsors that you think would be a good fit (or if you happen to be a sponsor yourself), contact us!

Some subforums in the RHDN forums (general discussion and RHDN site development discussion) were locked behind Patreon on 2017-07-28, i.e. are only accessible to patrons since then.

All of (except downloads),, and was archived through ArchiveBot in the following days. The downloads were retrieved separately and are available here.

It seems that no official update to this campaign was ever posted publicly, however RHDN continues to be online as of April 2018.


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Good shit.