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This page is a clearinghouse for efforts and projects underway to "bring back" the saves that Archive Team has been doing since 2009. It's meant to be a place to send people who want to gain access or to reference materials, and whether or not additional work will be needed.

Retrievable in the Wayback Machine

  • All domains brought through ArchiveBot - If the site in question was pulled through ArchiveBot, then they should be viewable, for better or worse, in the Wayback Machine. Go visit and type in the address of the site.

Someone Has Made a Website

Projects where a person or persons have taken the Archive Team project in question and created an external website that accesses the data.

Just a Big Mess Of Files

Projects where the results are currently a big pile of files and much additional work will be needed.

  • GeoCities - Being one of the first Archive Team grabs, this is merely a collection of files. Of course, Internet Archive also did huge sweeps through the Geocities collection, so those can be found in the Wayback machine. Also, there have been multiple efforts by places like the Geocities Research Institute to bring the materials back to where they can be seen.
  • MobileMe