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URL rawporter.com[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
Status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved (only photos, videos, and some metadata)
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

Rawporter was an image hosting company based in Charlotte, NC that helped photographers sell their photos and videos. Using the free Rawporter app (either on iPhone or Android), users could receive location-based assignments from media partners and bloggers who would pay for the rights to use the photos or videos posted to the Rawporter website (usually the fee was $5-$25 USD.) In addition, users could sell pre-existing media through Rawporter.

Shutdown notice


Updated News

We are pleased to announce Rawporter has entered into an exclusive business partnership and will be joining a much larger organization. As part of that agreement we will be shutting down our consumer services.


Rawporter will no longer be accepting photo and video submissions.

We will be purging the media files over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure to retain your original copies in case you decide to license them directly in the future.

We are very proud of all that has been accomplished and hope you enjoyed using our service. Please direct any questions you might have to info@rawporter.com


Team Rawporter


Very shortly after announcing that they were closing, Rawporter completely shut down web access to images, videos, user pages, etc. However, their media server on Amazon S3 was still up, so a list of images and videos on the S3 server was retrieved and downloaded.

Two archives of that list are available:

For user pages and media metadata, the Wayback Machine has some pages, but not many.


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