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Proust is a web application for sharing and preserving family stories, images, and so forth. The owners of Proust announced they would be closing it on January 31, 2012, but turned around. Some Proust content is available publicly; materials like the Proust blog are also public.

I'm not dead yet

All Things Digital reports that Proust is now _not_ shutting down:

The rest of this page will live on as an archive.

Where do we start?

Google has indexed some Proust stories, although it's anyone's guess how complete the index is:

Proust operates an index of public stories at The Proust site map at also can be used to get some person data, although it, like the other two sources mentioned, isn't guaranteed to be complete.

Current status

Grabber code is here:

At present, 15,434 users have been identified; some may be duplicates, as Proust permits URLs of the form /story/\d+ and /story/\w+, and it's possible for the two URLs to reference the same story. Oh well.

The grabber code defers download of private stories to some other process, as the content of private stories cannot be accessed anonymously or with just any Proust account.