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Print-on-demand service
Print-on-demand service
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Printfection was a promotional products company that offered a print-on-demand service since 2004. They shut down on July 31, 2015.

Shutdown notice

They sent out the following email to their store owners[1] (formatting added):

Dear Printfection User,

We have an important announcement regarding Printfection's service and your account.

As of July 31, 2015 we will no longer offer the Printfection on-demand store service. All stores, on-demand products, and their corresponding data will be permanently removed on this date.

We recognize it’s never fun to deal with the headache of a service going away. This decision has been difficult. As our business model has evolved we are no longer able to offer an on-demand store platform that meets our standards. We appreciate your loyalty over the years, and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Commission Details

Accounts with commission above their payment threshold setting will be paid by October 1, 2015. After October 1, 2015 accounts with outstanding commissions will be paid periodically. In order to receive prompt payment please update your payment information before July 31, 2015.

After July 31, 2015 you will continue to have access to your store account to download uploaded images and update your payment information.

Next Steps

We’ve prepared a list of steps to help you transition your store away from Printfection. If you have additional questions please see this help article.

  • Save any uploaded images associated with your account. This includes product artwork, product imagery, and theme assets.
  • Save any important meta-data associated with your account. This includes store descriptions, product descriptions, pricing details, and theme content.
  • Review alternative platforms. We recommend the following services:
  • If applicable, update any domains with DNS pointing to
  • If applicable, update any links pointing to your Printfection store
  • Make sure you’ve updated your payment and tax information.

We wish you the very best going forward and thank you again for your support over the years.


The Printfection Team