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URL http://portalgraphics.net/[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
Status Special case
Archiving status Saved!
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Project tracker portalgraphics
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

portalgraphics.net is an art website that primarily displays images created with openCanvas.

On 2016-07-27, the site underwent a "service change" and became a "rendering" site. During the overhaul, data was deleted, including user data and associated data, which assumedly included images a user uploaded. [1]



All data in PGN Community will be deleted on 2016-07-27.

- PGN Community user account data

- Uploaded illustration data (event file, event animation file)

- Data posted to community (forum)

If you would like to save an event file or event animation file posted to the PGN community, please download them by 2016-07-27.

Regarding the personal information in your PGN Community account, we will delete it in a secure and responsible way

according to the privacy policy upon the end of the service.

The Project

The goal is to get as much of the site saved on Wayback Machine as much as possible. The good news is that important URLs are based around numbers


Page URLs

  • Sitemap[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
  • http://portalgraphics.net/pg/illust/?image_id=n
    • The info page for a given image
  • http://portalgraphics.net/pg/illust/?image_id=n&size=full
    • Full size view of an image

n can be anywhere from 1 to 90360. New images are added daily

Direct Image URLs

  • http://www.portalgraphics.net/data/image/fullsize/m/n.jpg
  • http://www.portalgraphics.net/data/image/resize/m/n.jpg
  • http://www.portalgraphics.net/data/image/preview/m/n.jpg
  • http://www.portalgraphics.net/data/image/preview_s/m/n.jpg

n is the same number as n from the page URL. m is n rounded down to the thousandth, unless n is less than 1000, in which case m is 0000. So if n is 3234, m is 3000. If n is 253, m is 0000


If an image has been taken down, viewing a page URL will either yield the message "This illustration has been deleted already, or it does not exist.( illust_index:get_no_image_data. )" or "This page's ID is invalid, or you do not have authority to access to this page.( id )". In the latter case, viewing an image directly will still work, while in the former case, a direct image URL will redirect to a dedicated 404 page while still yielding a status code of 200.

Saving ranking pages[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] properly may be impossible, as functionality relies on the current time as a UNIX timestamp in the URL, generated by Date.now()

If the site's servers are overwhelmed, the page will be rendered with the message "回線が込み合っております。時間をおいて再度アクセスしてください" ("The lines are crowded. Please try again at a later time") while still yielding a status code of 200.

Some areas of the site, such as http://www.portalgraphics.net/pg/plan_portal/[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] and http://www.portalgraphics.net/oc/lecture/[IAWcite.todayMemWeb] are Japanese-exclusive; clicking the "English" link will take you to the front page.

Other site structure info

Language setting is enforced via the cookie "langset" set to either "en" or "ja".

Stretch Goals


Archive Team was able to download 375 GB of content, available as WARC files here and through the Wayback Machine.

  1. As of 2018-02, the images themselves and event files still exist on the live web, though the pages and download links are gone