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List of the digital resources of the Swiss parties.

A note on the national vs cantonal distinction: since only the canton of Ticino is Italian-speaking (apart from a few valleys in Graubünden), there often are no separate Italian resources on the national level. In those cases, the corresponding pages for the Ticinese party are instead included at the top level of the sections. If there are however Italian national sites, the Ticinese ones are in the canton subsection.

Parties are sorted here by their German name if the party exists in the German part of Switzerland, or by the local name for regional parties. The page is further split into parties that exist in two or more cantons and those that are specific to one canton or even smaller regions.

National and regional parties

Alternative Liste (AL)

Cantonal, regional, & local parties

Bürgerlich-Demokratische Partei (BDP) / Parti Bourgeois-Démocratique (PBD)

Cantonal, regional & local parties

Junge BDP

Cantonal & regional parties

Christlichdemokratische Volkspartei (CVP) / Parti démocrate-chrétien (PDC) / Partito popolare democratico (PPD)

Cantonal & regional parties

Junge CVP (JCVP) / Jeunes PDC (JDC) (youth wing)

Cantonal & regional parties

Christlichsoziale Vereinigung Schweiz (CSV)

The CSV is a society within the CVP and successor to the CSP, maybe, or something like that. It's very unclear how all of this is structured.

Cantonal chapters

Christlich-soziale Partei (CSP) / Parti chrétien-social (PCS)

Note: There are at least two local "CSP" parties (CSP Oberwallis and CSP Obwalden) which are not related to this national party.

Cantonal & regional parties


Eidgenössisch-demokratische Union (EDU) / Union démocratique fédérale (UDF) / Unione democratica federale (UDF)

Cantonal parties

Evangelische Volkspartei (EVP) / Parti Evangelique Suisse (PEV)

Cantonal parties

Junge evangelische Volkspartei (JEVP) / Jeune parti évangélique (youth wing)

Cantonal parties

FDP.Die Liberalen (FDP) / PLR.Les Libéraux-Radicaux (PLR) / PLR I Liberali Radicali (PLR)

2009 merger of Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei (FDP) / Parti Libéral Suisse (PLS) / Partito Liberale Radicale (PLR) and Liberale Partei der Schweiz (LPS) / Parti Radical-Démocratique (PRD) / Partito Liberale Svizzero (PLS)

Cantonal parties

Jungfreisinnige Schweiz (JFS) / Jeunes libéraux-radicaux Suisse / Giovani liberali radicali Svizzeri (youth wing)

Cantonal parties

Grüne Partei der Schweiz (GPS) / Parti écologiste suisse (PES) or Les Verts

Grün alternative Partei (GaP) Bern

Formerly Grüne Partei Bern – Demokratische Alternative. Part of the GPS but separate from the cantonal Green party in Bern.

Cantonal, regional, & local parties

Junge Grüne / Jeunes Verts (youth wing)

Cantonal & regional parties

Grünliberale Partei (GLP) / Parti vert'libéral (PVL) / Partito verde liberale (PVL)

Cantonal parties

Junge Grünliberale (JGLP) / Jeunes vert'libéraux (JVL)

Cantonal parties

(TODO: Add all the other cantons)

Integrale Politik

Cantonal parties

(TODO: Add the other cantons/regions)

Partei der Arbeit (PdA) / Parti Suisse du Travail - Parti Ouvrier et Populaire (PST-POP) / Partito Operaio e Popolare - Partito del Lavoro (POP-PdL)

Cantonal parties

Kommunistische Jugend Schweiz (KJ, KJS) / Jeunes POP (youth wing)

Cantonal parties

Piratenpartei / Parti Pirate / Partito Pirata

Cantonal parties


Schweizer Demokraten (SD) / Démocrates Suisses (DS) / Democratici Svizzeri (SD)

Cantonal and local parties

Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP) / Union démocratique du centre (UDC) / Unione democratica del centro (UDC)

Cantonal & regional parties


Junge SVP / Jeunes UDC (youth wing)

Cantonal & regional parties

Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz (SP) / Parti socialist suisse (PS) / Partito socialista (PS)

Cantonal, regional, & local parties

Jungsozialist*innen Schweiz (JUSO) / Jeunesse Socialiste Suisse (JS) (youth wing)

Cantonal & regional parties

SP Frauen* / Femmes* Socialistes


up!schweiz (Unabhängigkeitspartei)

Cantonal or smaller parties

Basels starke Alternative (BastA)

Christlichsoziale Partei Obwalden (CSP Obwalden)

This party is not connected to the national CSP party anymore.

Christlichsoziale Volkspartei Oberwallis (CSP Oberwallis)

Unrelated to the national CSP party. Might be a section of the Wallis chapter of the CVP party, but that is unclear.


Die Guten

Die liebe, sehr sehr liebe Partei (DLSSLP)

Lega dei Ticinesi (Lega)


Mouvement Citoyens Genevois (MCG), Romand (MCR), and Suisse (MCS)

Technically, MCS and MCR are national and regional parties, respectively. However, they're listed in this section because only the MCG in the canton of Genève is politically relevant.

Più Donne

Solidarité & Ecologie

Umweltfreisinnige St. Gallen

Vaud Libre

Not really a party but rather a group of independents. Close enough.

Other political entities

This section lists interest groups and other important organisations that have a significant indirect influence on Swiss politics.

AUNS Aktion für eine unabhängige und neutrale Schweiz / ASIN Action pour une Suisse indépendante et neutre / ASNI Action pour une Suisse indépendante et neutre)


Freiheitliche Bewegung Schweiz FBS

GSoA Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee / GSsA Group pour une Suisse sans armée


Mieterverband (MV) / Association Suisse des locataires (ASLOCA) / Associazione Svizzera Inquilini (ASI)

Regional chapters

Résistance Helvétique (RH)

Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband sgv / Union suisse des arts et métiers usam

Interest group for SMBs

Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund (SGB) / Union syndicale suisse (USS)

Workers' organisation

Gewerkschaftsjugend / Jeunesse syndicale


Regional chapters

Unia Jugend / Unia Jeunesse