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The Photobucket home page as seen on 2011-01-12
The Photobucket home page as seen on 2011-01-12
Status Endangered (free accounts being discontinued)
Archiving status Not saved yet
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #photosucket (on hackint)

Photobucket is an image hosting service. They were also at one point hosting Twitter images.[1]

Vital signs

Had a major outage though around year turnover from 2019 to 2020.[2]

In May 2023, Photobucket announced to disable all free accounts and their accompanying images.[3]

Archiving Photobucket

PB_Shovel can be used to download all images from an album and all subalbums (recursively).

This version of PB_Shovel has also been modified with a `--links-only` option to crawl a list of every single URLs from the album and subalbums instead of downloading. This makes it possible to use wget to grab all the files yourself, or grab-site to archive with WARC.

Usage: Obtain all the urls of a Photobucket Album, even subalbums (using the -r parameter), and put them in links-<datetime>.txt. This url file can be given to wget or grab-site to download.

   python ' Fads' -r --links-only
   wget -i links-2016-03-20_02-03-01.txt
   grab-site -i links-2016-03-20_02-03-01.txt

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