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The Occupy Movement is an international movement originating in the United States demanding greater freedom, substantial reversal of the maldistribution of wealth within every country, and an end to corporate-controlled politics. It draws inspiration from the Arab Spring, the 2011 tent protests in Spain, Israel, and elsewhere, and has seeds in the Hoovervilles of the Great Depression, and, some have argued, the Schoemehlville politically-inspired homeless encampment of St. Louis in 1985.

The movement has no official website. However, one website that many Americans recognize as a great resource and record for Occupy Wall Street is: http://occupywallst.org

The various local and national Occupy branches generally have their own websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc.

Some places we might start at as far as the archival process

  • Recorded Livestream footage
  • Photographs of protest signs
  • Minutes from General Assemblies and Working Group meetings
  • The various Occupy websites

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