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NUjij is a discussion platform for the Dutch news website.

It is being shut down on September 12, 2016.


The notice in Dutch can be read on, in a yellow box on the right.

Dutch English heeft besloten per 12 september te stoppen met open reactieplatform We accepteren daarom geen nieuwe accounts meer.

Vanaf 12 september is het niet meer mogelijk te discussiëren via NUjij. De site zal verdwijnen en als vervanging wordt een functie in de site en apps van geïntroduceerd waarmee bezoekers foto's, video's, tips en foutjes kunnen insturen.

Voor meer informatie kun je terecht op: has decided to stop with the open comment platform, starting from September 12. For this reason, we no longer accept new comments.

From September 12, it will not be possible to discuss through NUjij. The site will disappear and to replace it, a feature will be introduced in the site and apps of that visitors can use to submit photos, videos and corrections.

For more information, please visit

(Translation by joepie91)

How can I help?

Running a Warrior

You can start up a Warrior and there select NUjij. (If you don't really care what you are archiving, select ArchiveTeam's Choice instead, as at some points ArchiveTeam may prioritize another project.)

Running the script manually

If you use Linux and you're a bit familiar with it, you can try running the script directly.

The instructions can be found at

Some additional information
Don't forget to replace YOURNICKHERE with your nickname.

The number after --concurrent determines how many threads run at the same time. You can increase this number if your resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth) are sufficient. However, if you constantly see messages about rate limiting, there is no need to increase the concurrency.

If you want to stop the script, please do it gracefully if possible. To do so, create an empty file named STOP in the folder of the script (terminal command: touch STOP). The script finishes the current item(s) and stops only after that. (If you kill the script immediately, the items get broken, and they will need to be reassigned to another user.) – Before starting the script again, don't forget to remove the STOP file.

If you see "Project code is out of date", kill the script, go to its folder (cd nujij-grab) and issue git pull After the updating has finished, re-launch the script.

Donating to the Internet Archive

Content downloaded by the ArchiveTeam will be uploaded to the Internet Archive, where it will be stored and be available – hopefully – forever. However, storing it costs thousands of dollars in the long run. So, if you can afford, please consider donating to the Internet Archive, so that this piece of history can be kept for us all.

Do you like our cause?

If you want to help in other projects, want to learn more about ArchiveTeam, or even help in development in general, navigate to the Main Page of this wiki, from there you can reach a lot of information. The Team consists of volunteers working on the projects in their free time, so helping hands (and resources) are always welcome.