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Status Endangered
Archiving status In progress...
Archiving type DPoS
Project source mediafire-items, mediafire-grab
Project tracker mediafire
IRC channel #mediaonfire (on hackint)
Data[how to use] archiveteam_mediafire

Mediafire is a file hosting service with file synchronisation features. It launched around June 2006.[1]

On December 18 2020, users reported that they began receiving emails from MediaFire how they plan to classify accounts as abandoned if they fail to meet certain criteria, starting in January.[2] This policy, however, had been in effect for many years prior, as later confirmed by MediaFire.[3]


  • URL Submission Site: URLs submitted will be periodically added to the archiving queue. - Offline as of 2022-07-14 22:13:37 UTC
  • Anybody can queue items that are lower than 100 GiB in #mediaonfire (on hackint)

How to help if you have lists of URLs

This project requires lists of URLs for content on the target website. If you have a source of URLs, please:

  1. Use the PCRE regular expression (mediafire\.com|mfi\.re)\S+ for filtering.
    • Note that this regex is intentionally broad to cover many different URL formats. Please do not try to use a more narrow pattern as it may miss valid URLs. We can always filter or transform the results as needed later.
    • Enable case-insensitive matching (e.g. -i option on grep) to not miss URLs with capitalised domains or similar.
    • If you use grep, remember to include the -a (aka --text on GNU grep) option to ensure it will continue searching for matches when encountering binary data.
    • Example command (GNU grep): grep -Pahoi '(mediafire\.com|mfi\.re)\S+' FILENAME FILENAME...
  2. If the output exceeds a few megabytes, please compress it, preferably using zstd -10.
  3. Upload the file to
  4. Share the resulting URL in the project IRC channel.
    • If you would like to keep the list non-public instead, e.g. for privacy reasons or for not wanting to be publicly associated with it, please get in touch with a channel op (e.g. arkiver or JustAnotherArchivist). Note that the items generated from your list would still be processed publicly, of course, but they would be mixed with everything else.

See also Category:Projects requiring URL lists for other ArchiveTeam projects that necessitate URL lists.