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Maemo was Nokia's internet tablet OS. The Maemo ecosystem was based on three parts: Nokia, Ovi Store and community. Nokia components were developed by Nokia and consisted of both proprietary and open-source software. The Ovi Store allowed third-party apps to be purchased or downloaded for free. The community portion allowed third-party apps to be developed, hosted, built, and loaded to the device.

As of April 2015, the Nokia servers (websites under and Ovi Store are offline. The community site ( is still online.

Firmware Archives

Here lists archive of their firmwares. For Ovi apps, see Ovi Store was the host of the proprietary firmware which required checking of serial numbers. had an unlocked mirror but it is now gone too. Fortunately, Wayback Macine has an archive at .

Links may point to Wayback Machine pages but the pages may not be rewritten correctly. Just prefix*/ if you get out of Wayback by accident.

770 (OS2005)

N800 (OS2007)

N810 (OS2008)

N900 (Fremantle)

N9 (Harmattan)

Lost forever? (I'm not familiar with how the N9 works so important files may have been mirrored already.) Contains such sites as


Some other mirrors:

TODO: check ArchiveBot and Wayback Machine list out the grabs


Community Software Archives

Should make one soon?

Website Archive