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URL https://paste.openstack.org
Status Online!
Archiving status Not saved yet
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

LodgeIt! is a pastebin. Its robots.txt disallows all user-agents.

Public pastes have a numeric incremental ID (from 1 to 810184, as of 2021-10-25), and the URL for viewing a paste is https://paste.openstack.org/show/IDENTIFIER/ and raw content at /raw/IDENTIFIER. Private pastes have random-looking 20-character alphanumeric IDs instead.

Paste replies

Pastes on LodgeIt! can be replied to by other pastes. For example, https://paste.openstack.org/show/1/ has the message the following pastes replied to this paste: #2, #Zh6UGVXhZjbhtZ9AfoYF, #A3NRUsGW2XIXn5y7FRE6, #VTqxxFtkisngRscgGf5l, #Qqu4xN4KMVUZZgG887HY, #807160. This can be used to discover (some) pseudo-private pastes.

Source code

The source code is publicly available at https://opendev.org/opendev/lodgeit (previously at http://www.pocoo.org/hg/lodgeit-main). It's intended to be open-source, but the license marking is ambiguous and therefore insufficient.