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This is a list of messages that only show up once, which could cause to become forgotten quickly.

This could include quick tutorials by online services when using them for the first time.

In case of online services, these messages will be gone as soon as the online service decides to remove it when no record of it exists.


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Twitter - initial visit

When visiting Twitter's web-application style website (located at, a greeting message will appear for the first time only. Unlike on Google, this message will never show up ever again, even if not interacted with.

If rendered correctly by your internet browser, it approximately looks like this:


Twitter just got lots of new features, like easy access to switch between top and latest Tweets, Bookmarks, and Explore, as well as improved trends, and Direct Messages.

And coming soon, you’ll have easy access to account switching and so much more.

See what’s happening even faster now.

Get started

First-time tutorial

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On Google, this type of message usually only stops showing up after having interacted with them.


First-time page editing message (known as “welcomeDialog”):

“Welcome to Wikipedia

Anyone can edit, and every improvement helps.

Thank you for helping the world discover more!”

This message will only been shown to the user once, but is not totally lost because it is documented in web search results.