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IRC channel #archiveteam-bs (on hackint)

What's there?

  • Your connections/contacts, including connection contact information
  • Your public profile
  • Your user profile image
  • Status updates
  • Group discussions, hyperlinks, "Likes"

Getting it out


  • Access your profile
  • Click "PDF" for a formatted PDF Export or Click "Print"
  • Print your profile to a virtual printer driver and/or paper


  • Click Contacts
  • Click Export Contacts
  • Select from various comma delimited CSV or VCF vCard formats and click Export
  • Complete the Captcha

Using grab-site or a similar tool

  • Normal grab-site won't work, as they use some sort of security system that returns exit code 999
  • Go to the page in the browser and export your cookies. Pass them into grab-site, it should then work